Winecenter Pavone


Project Detail

This thesis tries to propose, an analysis of the characteristics of this natural material, the straw, linking it to a small project, which has the task of promoting the territory in which it will be inserted.
To maintain a zero-kilometer approach, we will identify the project area within Canavese territory.
A series of considerations will be carried out to be sure to make the best use of what nature provides us without impoverished resources that will not be forever inexhaustible.
The pretext for the architectural design is represented by the wine and wine-making in this “region”. Canavese has suffered a significant decline in productivity and cultivation of the territories that return difference between the products of the Italian elite.
Engineering and architecture, are now core parts of the operating companies.
Engineered processes lead to productive savings, improved production, and thus to sustainable development.
Feeding the Earth through the use of new technology, quality and safety is the key issue of Expo 2015.
As a student of the Polytechnic of Turin, I’d give my answer about all ‘”sustainable supply of the globe.”

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