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I opened this website to show you, Dear Visitor, my little world and my works in the architecture field.

After many years of research in the bioclimatic area (wood, straw, environmental sustainability etc) I moved to the 3D visual and modeling branch. Thanks to my work positions, in the last three years I learned and I am still learning a lot about modeling, rendering, visualization, postproduction, and animation. At the same time I developed great skills in computational design and parametric design area.

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The site is divided in three macro areas, the first with some architecture design projects and competitions, the second with few visualizations, made with 3DS Max, V-Ray or Corona Render, the third with some conceptual parametric design proposal (furniture especially) and algorithm analysis. Hope you like it.
If you want contact me, go directly to the GET IN TOUCH page and send me an em@il with a question or a work request. I’ll reply as soon as possible.

The site is under completion, some descriptions must still be entered.

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